My name is Jaden and I’m a black, femme-evolving transboi. So Destin (my bro, coworker, and fellow transguy of color) and I have been talking about needing a space for transguys, transbois, AFAB trans folx to talk and share the tools we have to navigate life. Let’s go beyond hormones and surgeries. How do we check our privilege? How do we embody masculinity (whatever it might mean to us) without being a misogynist asshole? How do we explore and uplift femmeness and/or femininity? How do we handle the violence of being a masculine persn of color? How do we hold space without taking up space? As our identities shift, how has our sense of pleasure shifted? How do we like to fuck? So we are starting this thing called Toolbox to have these conversations.

Every second Thursday, we’ll hang out and chat. Every second Saturday, we’ll hang out and chat about sex.

This blog will be a place to reflect on our journey in masculinity (whatever that means to us.)

Let’s share some tools!


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