Toolbox Sex Talk: Name and Reclaim Your Junk Workshop! Saturday, July 30th

Toolbox Reclaim

Hey peeps! It’s time for another sex talk!

Destin and I have been having conversations around the kinds of violence that is inflicted upon vaginas. That, plus dysphoria, can make it difficult to connect to our bodies, and more specifically our genitals. The challenges (and trauma) of being a masculine person with a vagina (or whatever you call yours) can make it extremely difficult to be present during sex. So let’s name and reclaim!

Instead of just a discussion, we had a workshop idea. Let’s name our junk. Let’s draw our junk in its natural habitat (get creative!). And let’s write a love letter to our junk. Let’s be gentle with this part of our bodies. ♥

Reminder: Toolbox is a closed space for folks who were assigned female at birth and identify as transmasculine.

Accessibility Information
-15 minute walk from Westlake/MacArthur Park Station (Red and Purple Lines)
-Buslines include DASH Pico/Echo Park and Metro 28
-Ample metered parking and some free parking in surrounding neighborhood and garage is accessible as well
-Wheelchair accessible
-Elevator available
-Restrooms: Women’s, Men’s and Single Stall Gender Neutral
-Ample seating and standing room
-Scent free soap will be available and we ask that your bodies come scent free
-Windows cannot be opened, venue has climate controlled ventilation system, air filtration unknown
-Public address system used by all guests and hosts

If you have any questions or concerns, email


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