Cool Event: Summer Of Brown Boi – Los Angeles

Join Gender Justice LA and Brown Boi Project on the Summer of Brown Boi Series!

What has our culture taught us about femininity and masculinity?

How can we liberate ourselves from the limitations we experience around gender as people of color?

Join The Brown Boi Project for an interactive workshop where we will explore femininity and how masculine people can be in community and more supportive of Femmes and Women of Color.

We will discover how to heal from rigid understandings of gender and build a world where gender justice is accessible to all.

This is an interactive event, that requires some audience participation. If you are interested in learning more about how to be a participant, and identify as a Femme of Color, please contact Zami at

*This is a POC only space, and a femme centered one.

**food will be provided for attendees

***Accessibility information: Stairs- There are no stairs to get into the building. There is an elevator to get to the third floor where the event is located.

Bathroom access- There are 3 bathrooms: single stall gender nuetral, multistall womens, and multistall mens.

To respect our people and community with multiple chemical/scent sensitivities (MCS), we request that people come scent free (not using scented products) OR, as much as possible. Please try to have/wear very low scent on. You are supporting others who may suffer form seizures, asthma attacks, migraines, and multiple other nervous and respiratory health emergencies. To review scent free prodcuts accesibility check out:

Parking: Street parking is available

If you have any questions, please contract GJLA’s Director of Leadership Development, Ezak at


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