Toolbox Sex Toy Reflection and Next Discussion

[image description: two photos of a group of fly bois. they range in race, expression, ability, and style. the photo on the left, the expressions are sexy. the photo on the right, the expressions are playful.]

CW: mentions of genitalia associated with being assigned female at birth.

Toys! Toys are a big part of sex for some us, but are we being safe? That was the framing for this talk.

This talk brought in new folks to Toolbox (thanks Buck!), which was extremely exciting. While the conversation started with folks sharing stories about their first sex toys, things ventured toward unpacking the misogyny in the manufacturing of toys. We talked about how most toys and lube aren’t made with vaginas in mind. Some lube is actually harmful for vaginas, so its important to pay attention to the ingredients (no parabens or glycerin/glycerol/glycol, since they can contribute to yeast infections and UTIs).

Buck, then showed us sample toys he’s gotten from conventions.

And of course, the Buck Off (which sounds fun and will be available this month)!


[image description: a black sex toy for transmen. package says, “Perfect Fit Buck-Off Official Buck Angel FTM Stroker]



[image description: a resource list of favorite toys and lube. it reads: sliquid lube (vegan and organic), lelo (purple vibrator), Perfect Fit Douche (The Director) – for anal play, bad dragon (furry-focused), buck-off ftm stroker]

As well as this Trans Guide to Safer Sex!

All in all, it was a great time! For more info about sexual health and sex, especially for gay transmen/masculine folks, check out: GRUNT (NSFW).

AND be sure to join us this week (Thursday, September 8th) for a discussion about masculinity and expressions of joy!

In solidarity,


Jaden and Destin


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